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Using AI and intelligent platforms to perform conversion rate optimisation for you.

Not everybody has the time to micro manage every aspect of their online company, and that is well known by software development companies in the business sector. This being the case, there is a multitude of conversion optimisation software out there to help you make the most out of your time while not compromising the effectiveness of your website.

The tools that are available to you can really make a world of difference, speeding up the conversion rate optimisation process for you and making sure that all of the techniques, like AB testing and object placement are done in the correct way.

This software can be useful to many people and businesses, from a hole in the wall deli, to a multinational corporation. There are many variations in the platforms that may suit one more than the other, from the more hands on program, that puts a lot more of the control in the hands of the business owner, to the strongly automated processes that do everything from writing the content for a page to iterating different page layouts, to maximize the intended effect that your website has on its patrons.

There are many options, so shop around and find out which one works best for you. Many will specialize in big business, while others with be tailored to medium or small businesses. On top of this, there is a great fluctuation in price, so it’s important to consider how essential a particular piece of conversion optimisation software is to your company; is your online presence of the utmost importance, or is it simply an online billboard. Considerations should be made in judging what’s important and what is not.

The technological field regarding conversion optimisation software is still quite young, as far as how advanced it is. Some algorithms are now taking on the momentous machine learning task of understanding human emotion. Yes, you heard right, but this is unlikely to lead to some kind of Terminator-esque Skynet catastrophe, hopefully.

This challenge is met through combing text on a webpage and parsing all of the words within, comparing them to words in their database – or lexicon – and assigning a relevant emotion to the word. Some more advanced algorithms are even able to expand their own linguistic database, allowing them a truly auto-didactic intelligence. This level of AI only allows them to comprehend emotion, which is why you shouldn’t fear a robot apocalypse; as even the most thorough understanding of human emotion will not lead to a killing machine, simply an empathetic one.

AB testing and the other points of the conversion rate optimisation process can be hugely useful for many online platforms and is proven to increase sales and consumer interaction. So, if you’d like to any of the above, consider looking at the great offers the web has.